Resistance is futile is the last video directed by Matteo Malatesta for his solo album Cryptomnesia.

All the instruments (vcs3, Korg MS20, mellotron, electric guitar, bass guitar) and vocals have been performed by Pivio.

The video contains many cross-references to genre cinema, in particular to Zardoz (J. Boorman).

Pivio states about the song: “They told us in all possible ways, in audiovisual world: from Time Lord (in Doctor Who), passing through the Doctors (in Space 1999), the Borg (in Star Trek) to get to Galactus (in The Hulk). The problem is that we don’t want to learn the lesson (and we do well), also and above all in the sphere of feelings”

“Resistance is futile”
(Pivio / Marco Odino)
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