I dischi dell’espleta – ESP023
CD, Digital

Second chapter of the Lost + Found series for the label I dischi dell’espleta. This CD contains the recordings made in 1981 by Pivio within the radio broadcast of Radio 3 “Un certo discorso”. An experimental operation for “curious” palates, Lost + Found vol. 2 is the result of 5 days spent in the studio M of the RAI headquarters in Rome, by starting from a single indication: developing musical ideas on the concept “woman in advertising”.

1. Publicity City 1:16
2. Francesca detta Francesca 5:25
3. Consumer Benefit 10:21
4. Ritmica Anonima 2:29
5. If You Want this Woman 14:16
6. Det Finnes Ikke Vidundermidler 21:10
7. Quori franti 5:44

Published by Creuza Srl

All the compositions by Pivio
Pivio: ARP2600, rhythm box, piano, voice
Francesca Albini: voice in n. 2

Produced by Pivio
Recorded at Sala M, Centro Produzione RAI
Massimiliano Nevi: mastering at BitBazar (Roma)

Rita Giacalone: artworks