Ugly Covers (2023)


I dischi dell’espleta – ESP081

Travel notes by Pivio:
“Today is September 3, 2023. About a year ago I started recording my latest solo album Pycnoleptic, but at the beginning of the summer that is about to end, being in a period of relative calm at work, I felt like reinterpreting songs that somehow they hit my imagination over the course of about 40 years of listening (oldest is from 1972, most recent is from 2007). The list of possible lineup of hypothetical songs was quite long and so, faithful to the “aurea” rule which for some years has led me to complete an album in 12 days, not one more, not one less, I started recording without a precise plan, which led me to exclude many songs that maybe I will face again in the near future (who knows…).
And so Ugly covers came out, this is the title I chose for this little experience; all played and sung only by me (and I would add also drawn, since the design of the cover is mine – “by the way, Pivio, it’s really a ugly cover”).
Listening again the final tracks, I know there are at least two songs (Children of the revolution and World citizen) that would deserve some real strings involvement, which would probably improve the overall sound of the album, but this would go against the other “aurea” rule that requires me to do everything by myself, if possible, with all my executive limits. And so this is and this remains”.

  1. Children of the revolution 4:32
  2. Dancing barefoot 4:12
  3. Democracy 3:55
  4. Here come the warm jets 4:25
  5. The good soldier 3:26
  6. Tides of the moon 5:10
  7. World citizen – I won’t be disappointed 4:55

  1. (Marc Bolan) Spirit Catalogue Holdings – 1972
  2. (Patti Smith – Ivan Kral) Bohemia Music – Bug Music – Druse Music – Estate of Richard Sole Music – Hypnogogic Sounds – Linda’s Music – Mr Fiyu Music – Ninja Music – 1979
  3. (Jaz Coleman – Geordie Walker – Martin Glover) Cooking Vinyl Ltd -1996
  4. (Brian Eno) EG Music Ltd – 1973
  5. (Trent Reznor) Leaving Hope Music Inc – 2007
  6. (Jonathan Donahue – Sean Mackowiack – Jeffrey Mercel) Sony ATV Pub – 2001
  7. (Ryuichi Sakamoto – David Sylvian) Kab America Inc – Samadhi Sound Pub – 2003

Pivio: voice, backing vocals, arp2600, vcs3, synth, mellotron, el.guitar, kazoo, glockenspiel, percussions
Produced by Pivio
Recorded and mixed at Trancendental Studio (Roma)
Pivio: cover art
Massimiliano Nevi: mastering at BitBazar (Roma)