The Wisdom Tooth (2019)


I dischi dell’espleta – ESP070
Original Soundtrack
CD, Digital

Pivio, for once without his longtime companion Aldo De Scalzi, he signs the soundtrack of the film  The Wisdom Tooth”, the first work of director Gregorio Sassoli.
Taking a cue from the crudeness of the story about a boy, played by Sam Strike, who, following a very serious medical diagnosis, decides to embark on an existential path totally different from the one he was used to, the soundtrack of The Wisdom Tooth develops within a substantially synthetic sound world with continuous references to the most extreme ambient and electro references, especially used in the numerous scenes that take place in discos or similar places.
As happened recently for his solo records, all the instruments used within the individual songs are played by Pivio himself, with extensive recovery of synths that have made the history of 70’s experimentation such as the vcs3 or the arp2600.

  1. The wisdom tooth 3:20
  2. At the park 1:53
  3. Montage 2:33
  4. Entry to the disco 0:55
  5. Before the buzz (slow version) 2:59
  6. Buzz at the disco 2:27
  7. No vegan 2:08
  8. The party continues 7:11
  9. Litigious lovers 1:43
  10. Temple of sex 4:00
  11. I’ve had enough of you (wisdom remix) 5:24
  12. Vision on the terrace 1:33
  13. Before the jump 4:28
  14. Another disturbing ambient 2:12
  15. Before the end 3:12

All compositions by Pivio

except 11, 14, 15 (Pivio – A.De Scalzi)
Published by Creuza S.r.l.
except 14, 15 published by Flipper S.r.l.

Produced by Pivio

Pivio: synth, piano, arp2600, vcs3, percussions
Recorded and mixed at Trancendental Studio (Roma)
Masterized by Massimiliano Nevi at BitBazar (Roma)
Rita Giacalone: artworks