I dischi dell’espleta – ESP067
CD, Digital

Mute is Pivio‘s new solo work. One year after the release of the cover album dedicated to David Bowie, Lodging a scary low hero, and on the long wave of the previous It’s fine anyway, Pivio returns with a project written, played and sung in perfect solitude (except the presence of a string quintet in the song “Don’t say my name” and the  collaboration in three lyrics by Marco Odino, his longtime partner since the 80s with the new-wave group Scortilla). A single fil rouge connects all 11 songs (10 songs in English and the final instrumental piece that gives the title to the album): an extremely secular personal rereading of the ten commandments, which for the occasion become eleven with the addition of a further and final chapter, as a desire for a moment of reflection and silence (“Mute”, in fact). A return to the sounds that had already characterized It’s fine anyway with a greater use of treated guitars. Also this time there is a cover, “Night shift”, originally proposed by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

1. I am 7:29
2. Thou shalt have no other than me 5:10
3. Don’t tell my name 6:30
4. Remember to forget 6:32
5. Night shift 6:05
6. The girl with silver wings 6:24
7. The day I stole something damaged 3:35
8. Failed witness 3:34
9. Because I need you 3:43
10. Global plundering 6:10
11. Mute 5:50

(C) (P) Published by Creuza S.r.l. except 5 P Polydor Ltd

1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 (Pivio / Pivio)
2 (Pivio / Marco Odino – Pivio)
5 (John Alexander McGeoch – Steven Severin – Peter Edward Clarke – Susan Janet Ballion)
7, 10 (Pivio / Marco Odino)
11 (Pivio)

Pivio: voice, synt, mellotron, vocoder, celectric guitar, dulcimer
Alessandra Dalla Barba: violin in 3
Daniele Guerci: violin in 3
Cristian Budeanu: violin in 3
Alessandro Sacco: viola in 3
Jee Suk Schiffo: cello in 3

Recorded and mixed at Trancendental Studio (Roma)

Strings recorded at Trancendental Studio (Genova)
Patrick Simonetti: studio assistant

Produced by Pivio

Mastered by Massimiliano Nevi at BitBazar Studio (Roma)
Rita Giacalone: artworks