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Nothin’ at all, the doc directed by Matteo Malatesta about the Pivio’s return on stage as a singer after 35 years makes its debut at Seeyousound International Music Festival on February 22, 2021.

Pivio quote: “Nothin ‘at all was an opportunity to tell my personal vision of the world of music and more generally of artistic life, thanks to several audio and video contributions that don’t necessarily involve the filming of the concert at Claque of Genoa. A way to express the feelings, the many doubts and the few certainties accumulated in forty years of activity and in particular in the last 5 years in which I tried to carry out some musical projects in almost total solitude. All experiences that required further development, the definitive verification, that is, their live performance. And, as often happens, just when you realize that the taste of the stage that you had totally forgotten, the adrenaline that enters your circulation with each song you are performing, the joy you can feel in seeing the audience satisfied with that what has heard and seen sharing this satisfaction with you, here, just when you savor all this and repeat to yourself “I want to do it again”, the unexpected arrives. And so all your good intentions are forced, at best, to be postponed, in the painful waiting for the unexpected to be overcome. This is why Nothin ‘at all becomes a fundamental document for me, because it helps me to try to hope, it helps me to remember that history may not be over yet and that maybe the time will come back to get back on the game … it won’t be easy but when it will possible, if possible, like so many other musicians who are trying to resist the great darkness in which we have sunk, I will try to be ready.”

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